Alice Chessé

Administrative Coordinator
McGill University, Montréal


Alice Chessé is PhD candidate at McGill University Department of Political Science, and the administrative coordinator of GRENPEC since Fall 2021. She studies how global governance constitutes and transforms global inequalities. Her research interests include global economic governance, global historical sociology and decolonization. Her dissertation, A Global Meritocracy: The Making of Systemic Inequality in Multilateral Institutions, analyzes how the institutionalization of technocratic practices of diplomatic negotiations since 1945 has contributed to maintaining global colonial hierarchies long after the formal decolonization process. She investigates the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD)’s role in diplomatic negotiations with actors from the Global South over multilateral development policies and global redistributive justice since 1948. Beyond her dissertation, she also writes on the International Political Economy (IPE) of global inequality, feminist and post/decolonial theories of International Relations (IR), and International Practice Theory. She teaches IR Theory and (International) Political Economy.