Major Research Projects
We will advertise new research projects that emerge from this network members jointly and individually.

Two kinds of partnerships are possible: 1. Institutional; and 2. Individual scholars who work in this area.
The project is managed by a director and several coordinators who specialize on key regions of the world who also act as the steering committee members.
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More than 5 projects
Introducing Global Research Network on Peaceful Change


The rise of new centers of powers and pressures generated by globalization have brought forth the need to understand peaceful change an urgent necessity. Nations spend tremendous energy and resources on military security through the acquisition and use of arms. The attention devoted to security through peaceful means and peaceful change is minimal. For instance, we have limited understanding of the conditions under which a rising power like China be accommodated as a global power without war. We also have limited understanding of how and when regions transform into peaceful orders or the reverse happens. As scholars with an interest in peaceful change, we are making important research contributions, but most of our works remain in our specialized domains. This research network is a loosely organized group of scholars and institutions worldwide who are engaged in the study of peaceful change at the international and regional levels. It will make new initiatives and linkup existing projects so as to publicize them and bring them together in a platform freely accessible to all.

Latest Resources/Articles

Call for Papers – International Conference on: “Great Power Rivalry or Peaceful Coexistence? International Order in the 21st Century,” In Collaboration with the Peace Research Centre, Charles University, Prague, October 25, 2024.

GRENPEC is co-organizing an international conference with the Peace Research Centre, Charles University, Prague, on the theme: “Great Power Rivalry or ...

The Pacific Review special issue on: “Navigating International Order Transition in the Indo-Pacific” edited by Kai He and Huiyun Feng (Griffith University)

The world is in crisis. The Covid pandemic and the ongoing Russia-Ukraine war signify a potential order transition in the ...

The Pacific Review special issue on: “Sources of Peace and Peaceful Change in East Asia” edited by Bhubhindar Singh (Nanyang Technological University)

East Asia is usually associated with war and conflict. This applies to its historical past, as well as to the  ...

International Affairs (Chatham House) special double issue on: “De-globalization? The Future of the Liberal International Order” September 2021. Edited by T.V. Paul and Markus Kornprobst

17 articles in this special issue explore the interplay of (de-)globalization and the resilience of the liberal world order. How pervasive ...

Journal of Ethics & International Affairs: Symposium on International Institutions and Peaceful Change: Edited by Kai He, Anders Wivel and T.V. Paul

The rise of “the rest,” especially China, has triggered an inevitable transformation of the so-called liberal international order. Rising powers ...

International Studies Review, Volume 20, Issue 2

ANALYTICAL ESSAYS Assessing Change in World Politics  T V PaulInternational Studies Review, Volume 20, Issue 2, 1 June 2018, Pages ...

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